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Harry Ferguson made a handshake agreement with Henry Ford in 1938 to produce "Ferguson System" tractors. This lasted until 1946 when the Ford Motor Company parted from Ferguson and a protracted lawsuit followed over use of Ferguson's patents. Ford lost the suit, which enabled Ferguson to produce his own designs in his own business.
Tractors bearing the Fordson name were produced in England until 1964 when they became simply Fords. After U.S. Fordson production ceased in 1928, Irish-built and later English-built Fordsons were imported to the U.S. This arrangement ended in 1939 with the introduction of the line of "Ford" tractors made in the U.S. for domestic sales. In the early 1960's, two models of Fordson were again exported from England to the U.S., although they were rebadged as Fords.

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Dj Nico Stein disse...

Ola, tenho um trator BUKH DZ30 da Dinamarca. Gostaria de saber se tem alguem interessado nele, raridade, em bom estado, um dos unicos no brasil..

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Leandro disse...

Ola tenho um Massey Harrys 44 para vender se houver interesse entre em contato para detalhes